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DVDFab PC Backup Was ist Neu

September 14, 2016
DVDFab PC Backup is Released!

  • New: Added the new feature to allocate the data to where it comes from when recovering disk/partition data.

August 12, 2016
DVDFab PC Backup is Released!

  • Fix:The problem that Disk/Volume only allows sector by sector backup after Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

July 20, 2016
DVDFab PC Backup is Released!

  • New: Brand-new UI.
  • Fix: The problem that Pre-OS cannot start on Surface Pro.
  • Fix: The problem that the scheduled task will be executed twice in the first week of every month.
  • Fix: The problem that the process cannot exit after the automatic update was cancelled.
  • Fix: The performance and the resources occupancy when waking the computer to run the backup.
  • Fix: The abnormal page faults when application runs.
  • Fix: The problem that the scheduled task never execute when choosing "Execute backup when system startup".
  • Fix: The problem that the backup path will be modified automatically when other USB devices plugged in if the backup destination is set to be USB storage.
  • Fix: The failure in starting VSS when Smart Backup runs.
  • Fix: The incorrect backup file number in E-mail notification after incremental backup and differential file backup.
  • Fix: The incorrect compression level in E-mail notification.
  • Fix: The problem that the backups from/to network cannot be executed if Windows login info is not inputted in backup schedule settings.
  • Fix: The problem that the network connection cannot be established if the username is longer than 32 characters when backing up to network directory.

January 12, 2016
DVDFab PC Backup is Released!

  • New: Updated the UI designation with more impressive user experience presented.
  • New: Added the support of recovering data of big hard disk (up to 16TB).
  • Fix: Improved the whole performance including fixing some bugs and remaining issues.

December 04, 2015
DVDFab PC Backup is Released!

  • Added Command line backup. Now it supports Disk/Partition backup and System backup.
  • Added support for Microsoft Outlook 2016 in Mail backup.
  • Added the feature to remove Administrator privilege limitation from Disk/Partition and File backup plan.
  • Updated to more user friendly naming conventions of backup task and backup image.
  • Added the Support to backup data to One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox Optimized multilingual resource.

July 14, 2015
DVDFab PC Backup is Released!

  • New: Create high efficient 64 bit WinPE bootable disk that keeps your data safe in any case.
  • New: Work with Central Management Console seamlessly to improve the efficiency of enterprise users.
  • New: Increase the success probability of system recovery, universal restore and system clone on GPT drive.
  • New: Make the software more compatible with Windows 10.